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Information Systems Project


After concluding this Curricular Unit, the student should be able to:

OB1. Apply Software Engineering processes to the complete development of a real software system;

OB2. Use practices and software development tools appropriate for agile software development, enabling the monitoring of the lifecycle of product development.

OB3. Develop collaborative work integrating other stakeholders in decisions about the design and planning, and delegate, negotiate and review these decisions as a team.


As a project course unit (practical focus), the following contents will be worked:

CP1. Application of software development processes and methodologies including project planning.

CP2. Identification of requirements, design, implementation, integration, testing, documentation and demonstration of a software system;

CP3. Using agile methodologies;

CP4. Implement an information system development project, with a business customer, mostly using the knowledge acquired in earlier courses in the areas of Software Engineering, Information Systems and Programming.