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Distributed and Cloud Computing



1. To assess and manage distributed and cloud solutions;

2. To understand and develop applications using web services;

3. To understand and develop scalable and reliable applications for cloud computing;

4. To manage infrastructure of distributed and cloud computing

5. To analyse and discuss concrete case studies;

6. Apply the introduced concepts.



1. Distributed computing paradigm:

1.1. Architectures and models of distributed computing;

1.2. Distributed objects and remote invocation;

1.3. Web Services;

1.4. Replication and Consistency.


2. Cloud computing paradigm:

2.1. Architectures and applications of cloud computing;

2.2. Infrastructures (grid computing, virtualization, edge computing, cycle-sharing);

2.3. Storage;

2.4. Resource management (scheduling, migration, scalability, reliability).